You are a Trailblazer


You have a creative mind, a vision for how the world could be, and the talent to see it through. You're not meant for the traditional path, the grind, or the 3-step formula. You are undefinable and you don't belong in a box. 


The good news:

You've got enough potential in you to change the world. That's what Trailblazers do. They go first and others follow, and the world isn't the same once they have passed.

The bad news:

Sometimes, it sucks to be a trailblazer.

The nature of Trailblazing requires that you walk an unknown path. Which usually means, that despite all of your creative ambition, you more often than not find yourself in one of the three following camps:


You're lost.

You don't fit in. You beat up on yourself hard for having multiple interests, for jumping from job to job. More than once, you've tried to force yourself to stay put and just be happy, only to find that your body physically will not let you stay.

What then, are you supposed to do?



You're scared.

You know exactly what you are called to do, but you're scared to really go for it. You want to make the jump, but you wonder...are you crazy for having these dreams?  Are they too big? Do you have what it takes? Are they even possible?

Who do you think you are?



You're frustrated.

You took the leap, and followed the dream, only to find that no matter how hard you flap your wings, you still haven't learned to fly. Your results don't match your efforts, and even though you won't quit, you can't help but wonder...

"Is this really the best it ever gets?"

Disappointment. Shame. HEARTACHe.


The journey feels hard, the Unknown feels scary, and forging your path seems impossible. It's enough to make even the strongest Trailblazer fall to their knees in despair.


there's a better way.


The Trailblazer's guide to the stars online course is your ultimate guide through the unknown.

It's your guide to identifying the fastest and most enjoyable path to the life you want. It's not some one-size-fits-all formula (how could it be? You're a Trailblazer). 

It's a personalized map to the actualization of your dreams. 

Imagine having a clear sense of where you're going. Imagine knowing how to overcome the obstacles in your way, even when you can't predict what they are going to be. Imagine having all of your efforts finally pay off.

Imagine spending less time despairing - feeling lost, scared and frustrated - and spending more time creating - feeling inspired, powerful, and at peace.

How much faster would you reach the stars? How much more enjoyable would your journey be?


Dayna House  Instructional Strategist

Dayna House
Instructional Strategist

'As an instructional strategist and designer, I've worked with many, many course creators. It's very rare to come across a person who not only knows her craft but also has a deep passion to serve her students. Sarah has developed an inspiring and empowering program to help Trailblazers stay the course and achieve amazing things. After implementing only a few of the strategies she is teaching, I've been able to dream big and work towards my goals without fear and overwhelm.'




I've done a lot of different things in my life. I'm a genetics major turned corporate lawyer turned Professional Certified Coach and filmmaker.

I've been "responsible" at the cost of my creative integrity, had full-blown temper tantrums when told that it was normal to hate my job (are you kidding me?!), and pissed off the people close to me when I switched directions yet again.

I've left a 6-figure law job to start my own business, and I've been so scared by the tasks in front of me that I've literally passed out on my couch for hours every day.

Then, I realized I was a Trailblazer, and everything changed.

Sarah Kalil.     Creator of Where Stars Go and The Trailblazer's Guide to the Stars

Sarah Kalil. Creator of Where Stars Go and The Trailblazer's Guide to the Stars


Alice Karolina  Designer

Alice Karolina

'Sarah completely changed my life. Jumping from job to job, sliding into an existential crisis, she opened the door I didn't even know existed by saying 'What if your niche doesn't exist? What if you have to create it?'  In October 2015, I started my own business. I have since created the financial support I needed, left my day job, and I am making a living with only 3 to 4 clients at a time.'


Wanna know a secret?


The Unknown is easy.


Surprised? I was. But after years of Trailblazing and coaching Trailblazers, I came to a startling realization.

There are only 10 phases of the Unknown.

And each of these phases can learned and harnessed, so that your path is filled with momentum, ease and clarity, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.


Deb Chaney  Professional Abstract Artist

Deb Chaney
Professional Abstract Artist

'In less than four months of working with Sarah, I signed contracts for representation in galleries in Germany and L.A.; I won my first ever artist residency; I had my work featured on the front page of three times; I finished a new series of 24 paintings; and I won an Award of Excellence at the 9th Annual Female Art Addiction competition in London. Sarah has my highest recommendation and endorsement!'


think about a story that inspires you

It could be a fictional story, or the story of your ancestors, or maybe the story of someone who impacted the world in a way that you admire.

What do you love about that story? Was it the characters? The accomplishments? The moments when all hope seemed lost, and then from somewhere deep inside, your hero found the strength inside to continue? 


you can be that inspiration for someone else

Trailblazers lay the path for others to follow.

Because of you, someone else might find their way.


The world needs your story. It's time for you to be who you have always known you can be.


James Butler  CEO Reclaiming Warrior

James Butler
Reclaiming Warrior

'Within a year of working with Sarah, I quadrupled my income, became recognized as an influential coach in my field and completely transitioned into full time coaching. I've doubled my productivity, and created the life that I wanted, including traveling all over the world.'






The Trailblazer's Guide to the Stars will teach you everything you need to know about each phase of the Unknown.

You will discover how to identify which phase you are in, how to harness each phase for increased momentum, and even how to use the phases to create a personalized map to your dreams.



For less than the price of a latte per day for one year, you will have lifetime access to professional coaching exercises for bringing your creation to life - including any and all updates, revisions and new materials.

You will also receive an invitation to join our private Facebook community, with access to me and your fellow Trailblazers. It's time for you to finally be surrounded by people who will get you, hold you, and walk alongside you as you co-create together.



ready to register?

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