An online course for bringing your creations to life.


Before we go any further, let’s make one thing clear:


You see what’s possible, beyond rules and limitations.

You're compelled to create, and what you create is usually wildly unique.

And you're forging new paths at a time when the world needs them most.

Let's make one other thing clear:


Your special kind of genius demands it.

You cannot have impact, change the world, or create something groundbreaking without throwing out what’s ordinary and accepted, and turning everything on its head.

You have to leap, without knowing where you’ll land.



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Let’s not mince words

Leaping into the Unknown with no safety net can feel terrifying.

For that reason alone, the vast majority of people will not do it.

But you’re not wired that way. You’ll enter the Unknown, over and over again if necessary, in order to achieve your vision.

For you, leaping is not the problem. It's what comes after the leap that sucks.

Here's how it normally goes:


1. Get inspired - like, on a cellular level - by your vision.

2. Say yes to that vision, and take the leap into the Unknown.

3. Immediately self-sabotage. This was not a good idea. Retreat to comfort zone.

4. No, wait! It is a good idea! Try again.

5. Gain some momentum. Yes! The beginnings of projects are so fun! ALL THE CREATIVITY!

6. Encounter obstacle. Enter self-doubt. Are you crazy? Who are you to think you can do this?

7. Push through. You can do this. (Although we both secretly know that this is the beginning of the end.)

8. Another disappointment. A twinge of frustration.

9. The slow demise into hopelessness.

10. Quit...for now (You’ll never fully give up, but your dreams are temporarily on the back burner.)

11. Get re-inspired, re-commit, repeat.


But now, you've got a reputation as the visionary with no follow-through; the one who starts, but can't finish. When are you finally going to give up on this pipe dream and get a real job?




Make the Unknown your Ally

The reason it goes this way for you is because you haven’t yet learned how to harness the power of the Unknown.

That’s not your fault. We are programmed to fear, avoid, and mistrust the Unknown. But you don't have to. 

Navigating the Unknown is a skill that you can learn.

And here’s the real rub: You HAVE to learn how to navigate the Unknown, and embrace it as your ally, if you want to succeed as a Trailblazer.

This is mission critical.




The Unknown is the origin of all creation.

Rather than avoiding it, you should want to go there.

TGS Online is an online course that will drastically shift your relationship to the Unknown and allow you to master your creative process.

When you fall in love with the process of achieving your vision, and not just the vision itself, you give yourself the best possible chance of bringing your creation to life.

And we - the world - need your vision to become reality, now more than ever.

Which is exactly why I created TGS Online.


Hi, I’m Sarah, the creator of The Trailblazer's Guide to the Stars, and your ultimate guide through the Unknown.

For the last five years, I've been working with Trailblazers one-on-one in my coaching practice, and what I realized was that my Trailblazers were facing the same sorts of challenges over and over again. When I actually broke it down, I realized two things: 

1. The most important skill that a Trailblazer needs to master is the Unknown.

2. The Unknown can be broken down into 10 phases, and each of these phases can be learned and harness on your Trailblazing journey.

I spent the next year testing my theories to make sure they held up, and it turns out - they do!


And so, The Trailblazer's Guide to the Stars online course was born.

Let me show you how it works.


How to Master the Unknown

(i.e. how the Course Works)

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Did you know the Unknown only consists of 10 phases?  It's true!

No matter what your circumstances are, no matter how unique your process, no matter what you’re trying to create, if you’re a Trailblazer you can bet you’ll find yourself in one of only 10 phases at any given moment.

Knowing these phases gives you confidence in your decisions, and a clear sense of exactly what you need to do at each part of your journey. More importantly, you will also learn what not to do, and which common traps and pitfalls to avoid in each phase.


Here's what people are saying about how using the 10 phases helped them in their Trailblazing journey

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"The bliss of my creative work makes it easy to feel like I need to give up my legal work. But after watching the Seeker video, I realized I could create space for both. Instead of doing my normal pattern of quitting, which I've done before and leads to my life falling apart, I chose to expand instead. Now I'm doing it all, and feel grounded and fully supported rather than anxious and about to crash."

- Danielle: Lawyer, published author, spoken word poet


"Watching the Sidekick video was one of those “I-wish-this-wasn’t-so-right-moments." I’ll admit: I totally avoid the Sidekick phase, and then wonder why I’m frustrated and feel like I’m spinning my wheels when there is so much I want to be doing and creating. Doing the exercise made it clear though: I can’t make the difference I want to make alone. I'm now using a team to launch the next phase of my business, and spending my time operating in my zone of genius."

- Bay: Author, Coach, and Founder of Wonderland & Co.




Understanding and creating your patterns through the Unknown are the key to unlocking your creative potential and finishing what you start.

For 2 minutes per day for 30 days, you'll track your actual patterns to the Unknown. When you're done, you’ll know when and why you get stopped in your journey, what inspires your most productive and creative days, and exactly what you’ll need to change in order to achieve your vision.

Then, for the next 30 days, for 2 minutes per day, you'll create your own map through the Unknown. You'll productivity will sky-rocket, your momentum will build, and your feelings of doubt, overwhelm and hopelessness will be replaced by joy, peace, and trust in your Trailblazing journey.


Here's what happens when you know how to navigate the Unknown

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"Before taking this course, I was depressed and stagnant. But the course gave me an entirely new perspective that allowed me to leap into the Unknown, and then keep moving once I got there. I'm no longer paralyzed. In 10 months, I joined a women's speaker group, developed my first signature talk, booked my first speaking engagement, started a podcast and launched a website. The best part? I get to do it my way, and feel alive in the process."

- Gina: Coach, Speaker, 2nd year of business


"In my word as a brand coach and designer, I need to be highly creative to serve my clients. Not being able to access my creativity is a huge source of stress for me. By mapping my pattern through the Unknown, I discovered that the key to my creativity is clearing my mind of unresolved fears, complaints or worries; once these things are dealt with, my creative super-powers fire on all cylinders. Now, I spend the first part of my morning dealing with the things that make me uncomfortable, and then just let the magic flow. I can trust my creativity and turn it on at will.

- Alice: Brand Coach and Designer




When you register for TGS; Online, you get access to our private Facebook group. Connect with other Trailblazers, share wins, ask questions, and receive additional in-depth training about each of the phases.

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"I often feel like no one understands me; I don't have the same problems or concerns as everyone else, and when I'm struggling with something I have no one to talk to because it's a "Trailblazer problem" and my friends don't speak my language or care. I crave deep connection and friendship with other Trailblazers who are playing high-stakes games, putting their heart on the line for their cause, and blazing a new path in the world. It's nice to have an online community to turn to that is filled with other Trailblazers; I don't have to go through this alone."

- Leighann: Founder of The Modern Amazon


"Have you ever heard the saying "Isolation kills dreams"? Well it's true. And that was the world I was living in until I found a home in the trailblazer community. For once in my life I feel like there are people understand this unique journey."

- Phil: Community Building Entrepreneur 

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Step 4

Check your actual mailbox, cuz you've got real mail!

When you register for TGS: Online, we'll send you your very own pack of Trailblazer cards. Use for daily or weekly inspiration, and add some beauty in your life!


Step 5

Bring your creations to life.


Trailblazers are using this course to:

  • Grow a thriving, full time, non-traditional design business that they LOVE

  • Blend a poetic writing career with a passionate legal career

  • Leave a soul-sucking to take off a world-wide adventure for an indefinite length of time

  • Build a heart-centred, small-on-purpose writing and branding company without all the urgency and stress of traditional entrepreneurship

  • Work with their ideal clients at their ideal rates - in their FIRST year of business

  • Turn their passion for community-building into a business.

  • Finally stop thinking that they're crazy!

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One of the things I love most about the course is that it's normalizing.  I used to sit there, thinking I was broken, and I wanted to move forward, but I couldn’t because I was spinning, and finding proof about how wrong I was, and then I was stuck in guilt and shame and regret, and there was just so much energy in feeling bad about who I was. It was like I was a walking constant apology. 

But because of this course, because who I am is normalized now, and the ups and downs and crazy emotions of my journey are also normalized, I get to experience presence and freedom, and peace to go be me. I get to create, and I have the energy to do it.

- Tressa: Writer 



This program is especially effective for:

  • Actors who just can’t live with the uncertainty anymore
  • Artists who wonder if it’s worth continuing on
  • Coaches who hate the traditional definition of “niche”
  • Comedians who risk rejection every time they get on stage
  • Designers who don’t have a name for what they design
  • Entrepreneurs who are sick of feeling like a failure because they didn’t make a million dollars in their first month
  • Filmmakers who want to break traditional funding models
  • Musicians who are sick of people asking them when they’re going to get a real job
  • Writers who get discouraged because their creative process doesn’t look how they’re told it should
  • Lawyers who secretly want to be poets
  • Women in traditionally male-dominated industries
  • Someone who sees a better future for our world
  • Whoever the next Elon Musk is
  • Any combination of the foregoing


  • Anyone who’s such a Trailblazer that they don’t fit any of these descriptions

My dearest Trailblazer.

I know that the Trailblazing life isn't always easy. I know there are times when you wish you could just be happy in a normal job.

But that's not you. You're not here for normal.

You are here for extraordinary. You are here for a purpose. You are here to create.






As a Trailblazer, the only way to see success is to embrace the Unknown. This is the only course in existence that teaches you how.

We’re so confident in the power of TGS Online that we offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee. You spend 2 minutes per day, building your map through the Unknown, and if you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund your money.

Ready to take the leap?

Awesome, let's do it! Here are your payment options.

You choose: 1 payment of $1000.00, or an easy 3-month payment plan for $375.00/month

(all prices USD, excludes applicable tax)


What are you waiting for?

No seriously, is there something stopping you from registering right now? 

I want to know what it is. Listen, Trailblazing is a form of light-working. Your unique perspective - that thing that only you can do - needs to be birthed into the world.

So if there is anything stopping you from taking advantage of this resource, I want to know what it is. So call me - I mean it! - and let's work through it together. We'll address your concerns, get your questions answers, and make sure that this is right for you.