Daily guidance through ritual: Ten Trailblazer tarot-style cards (one for each phase of the Unknown) for you to use as you walk your path. The only cards specifically designed for a Trailblazer's journey, you'll be glad for their accuracy and relevance.

(Note that when you register for The Trailblazer's Guide to the Stars: Online Edition, these cards are included as part of your investment.)


  • 10 full-color Trailblazer cards in natural jute drawstring bag
  • Illustrated guide book

"I love the Trailblazer Cards! I always pull just the right one. Lately I've been consistently getting Seeker - stay the course, just keep going, you're on the right path, and Mother - self care. Both reminding me exactly of where I am at and what I need to do. ❤" - Danielle Rondeau

"I am SO SO SO happy these cards exist!!" - Alice Karolina


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