1-to-1 coaching for Trailblazers, and Trailblazing organizations.

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Light the Way coaching partnerships are for individuals and organizations who have a very clear vision of what they’d like to see change in the world.

These are the people and groups who are driven to radically change the conversation, cannot keep their ideas to themselves, and are filled to bursting with a purpose that cannot wait.

You’ve found and embraced the light that burns brightly inside you.

Now, you’re ready to light the way forward for others.

My mission is a global re-design of consumerism (that’s my nice way of saying I want to break it completely). It’s the thing I’m willing to face anything for.

Sarah is my number one partner in this journey. Her insight, straight talk, and relentless call forward mean that I get to become person I need to be in order to make my mission happen.
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The Road You Cannot Walk Alone


People who are ready to light the way have already created significant headway in their journey through the Unknown. But no matter your own comfort level with the Unknown, creating a new path for others to follow is an uphill battle.

It requires diligence, foresight, and an incredible amount of support.

And, because you’re a Trailblazer, it requires unique support - no cookie-cutter leadership or implementation models will work when your vision is singular, your commitment is huge, and your perspective on the world is so far outside the box.

Light the Way coaching relationships are as unique as their participants, with one feature in common: you are so committed to sharing your unique vision with the world that you are ready to face anything that’s in your way.

You’re ready to be guided as much as you lead.

You’re ready to create a deep, true partnership that allows you to master the Unknown.

You’re ready to be held to your highest, and forced to shine your brightest light.

So, are you ready?

Before working with Sarah, all I knew was that I had a unique fire inside of me. It was painful, knowing I had something amazing to give but no way to give it. Our work together not only helped me identify my mission, but also set me up to be successful in its execution.

Every self-doubt is brought down to its origin and banished. Every blocking belief I have about my success, and my place in claiming it, is tested. Every question that Sarah asks me, she asks of my highest self. I am now bringing all of me to this journey, and I am on my way to making the difference I always knew I could make.
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Who Lights the Way?


We firmly believe that the individuals who have made - or who are making - the biggest impact on the world are the ones who have mastered their relationship with the Unknown.

Think Albert Einstein, Elon Musk, J.K. Rowling… they were willing to dream big, fail hard, and be way ahead of their time. Most importantly, they were willing to go forward without any guarantee of success.


1-to-1 coaching and deep partnership are especially effective for individuals and organizations with:

  • A vision for worldwide change
  • A unique perspective on a particular industry or subject
  • Inspiration bordering on compulsion to cause the change they want to see

In short, Trailblazers who light the way have more interest in their missions than in fixing themselves or finding reasons to play small.



What a Light the Way Partnership Looks Like


Trailblazing individuals and organizations are similar in their difference: each coaching package must be customized to meet individual needs. What you’ll find below are the basics - a general structure that’s worked for previous Trailblazers.

Where we end up may be entirely different.

For that reason, we require an application and interview prior to getting started. You can get the process started below.



You get

  • At least one 4 hour kickstart intensive, in person or via video conference, to establish your vision and uncover the tension between where you are, and where you’re absolutely committed to being.
  • Three 1-hour coaching sessions per month to deeply partner and move your vision forward.
  • Customized tools & resources for your trailblazing journey.


You will also receive:



Basic package starting at


for one year





You get

The exact support and guidance your trailblazing organization needs to make a remarkable impact.

This option is entirely customizable, and impossible to categorize without knowing who you are, what you’re up against, and what you’re committed to.



Basic package starting at


for one year

Building a phenomenal team to run my company has always been my top priority. It’s not just having the right people, it’s having the right people feeling like they are a part of something bigger and having them operating at their highest potential.

When I built my dream-team, I wanted them to be their fullest self and find ways to bring their best qualities to the job, so that my clients would get an extraordinary experience from the whole company. I hired Sarah to coach not only myself, but my whole team.

What I see now from the experience? My team is happy, fulfilled and bring ALL of them to assist me in building our dream. The company experiences a deep integrity knowing we are all on a common mission, and the members of my team all have their own personal journey that fuels their whole life and welcomingly spills into our work.
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