Discover and Plot your Trailblazing Journey

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Trailblazers, especially at the beginning of their journey, often find themselves asking one of two questions:

Where am I going?


How am I going to get there?

As Trailblazers, there’s rarely a methodology, process or roadmap already in existence to help us achieve our strokes of genius. And sometimes, finding clarity about what that stroke of genius actually is feels impossible, too.

If you’re gutted by frustration and burgeoning hopelessness because:

You have a vague sensation that there’s something huge out there for you, but, despite searching high and low, are still directionless


You have a razor-sharp image of what you want to create, but you’re so overwhelmed by the process you have no idea where to start


I met Sarah at a low point- I was unclear of what I wanted and there was a lot of baggage I was carrying around with me. We unpacked it together, and I realized that underneath all the stuff I thought I had to fix was a mission I could not ignore. Previously, a glimpse of this mission would have scared me. Now I feel empowered to act on it. It’s the thing I was born to do.
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The Trailblazing Intensive is a four hour, 1-to-1 session designed to get you completely aligned with your direction, and kick you into action.

By session’s end you’re guaranteed to have clarity about what you’re creating or where you’re going, and tangible steps to move you forward. We’ll design a path that actually works with your creative process, making you infinitely more likely to succeed.

Following the intensive, you’ll receive three weekly accountability sessions, to maximize momentum.

This structure is designed to see you win, and win quickly.

In addition to providing clarity and direction, the Intensive teaches you what you actually need to succeed. It’s not about imposing an external system on you - it’s about tracking your path across the finish line, so you can replicate it again and again, and again.

It’s one month of focused attention and work, for a lifetime of creating and completing.

Less than 4 months after hiring Sarah, I signed contracts for representation in galleries in Germany and L.A., I won my first ever artist residency; I had my work featured on the front page of three times, I finished a new series of 24 paintings, and I won an Award of Excellence at the 9th Annual Female Art Addiction competition based in London.

I’m so grateful to have Sarah in my life. She has my highest recommendation and endorsement!
— Deb Chaney
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What you Get

  • One 4-hour session, either in person or via video conferencing
  • Three 1-hour follow-up sessions, one week apart

  • A clear sense of your direction, and the first steps of your journey

  • A vastly deeper understanding of your creative process


As a bonus, you will also receive:




A note: this intensive isn’t a driving, Type-A, extreme accountability program, but neither is it for the faint of heart. The intention is to really and truly, once and for all, overcome the blocks you have to winning at your Trailblazing game.

The Investment for this life-changing Intensive Program is


(plus applicable GST)

I was a bit nervous about the investment, but it was worth every penny. After my 4-hour intensive with Sarah, I spent about 4 days straight completely lit up about myself and about my future. I felt radiant and unstoppable; after spending so long shrouded in my own darkness, we cleared away the clouds, and set me on my path. My light was shining through for the first time in years and it was BRIGHT!
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Every month, I invite 4 Trailblazers to complete their Trailblazing Intensive. If you would like to be considered, please fill in the application form below. Provide as much detail as possible.

If you are selected as a candidate, I will contact you directly to schedule a 15-minute interview to make sure that the Trailblazing Intensive is the right next step for you. If it is, then it's time to get started!