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Are you a Trailblazer?

Trailblazers are individuals who cannot live within the ordinary confines of modern life. They often see a way forward no one else can, they are compelled to create, and they will throw themselves into the Unknown, no matter how much trepidation they feel.

As romantic as that may sound, there’s a dark side to being a Trailblazer:

You don’t fit in.


And chances are, if you are a Trailblazer, you face the fear of your own personal failure on a daily basis.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you struggle to describe who you are or what you do, because there are too many labels that could work, but not one that captures everything?

Do you leave job after job, and not always on the brightest note?

Do you never quite finish projects - personal or professional - no matter how passionately you start them?

Have you tried (or been drawn to) all kinds of programs and courses, in an attempt to “fix” or “find” yourself? Have any of them actually worked?

Is “lazy” one of your most-used insults for yourself, on your harshest days?

Do you continue to launch yourself into new career paths, projects, or positions thinking “this time, this is it!”, only to feel that familiar sense of unrest creep in after a couple of months?

Despite all of the setbacks, discomfort, and looming fear of failure, are you still not able to stop creating, and still not willing to live an ordinary life?




The moment that I learned that I was a Trailblazer, the world took on a whole new meaning. I no longer felt like there was something wrong with me. Now I have a vision and I know that I can achieve it because of my mind, not in spite of it.
— Phil Minott
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You’re not a failure


One of the most prevalent experiences in a Trailblazer’s journey is disappointment in themselves.

You are burning with passion and drive, and yet you never seem to live up to your potential, find your groove, or fit into any prescribed societal box.

Until now, you might have even thought there was something seriously wrong with you.

But guess what?


There’s nothing wrong with you.

You’re not a failure.

You’re just a Trailblazer.


You are someone who needs to push outside of the conventional world - not because you necessarily want to, but because you have to.

Want to know another amazing truth about being a Trailblazer?

The elements of yourself you struggle with the most are actually your greatest gifts.

Your unrest, your compulsion to strike out on your own path, your inability to do what’s conventional… all of these perceived shortcomings are what give you the genius you need to create something incredible.

They are the factors that set you apart, radically change your experience of reality, and uniquely position you to change the world.

You just haven’t quite figured out how to harness all that genius… yet.

But what if your greatest fears about yourself became your greatest allies?

What if you learned to understand your process in a way that didn’t require fitting into any box, or changing yourself?


What if you were able to succeed by being exactly who you are?

I spent most of my adult life trying different life paths, seeking my “niche,” until I realized that I was a Trailblazer and that my niche didn’t exist yet; I had to create it myself.

I expanded my many paths into one big road. I now have my own business combining my talent, my skills and the knowledge I acquired jumping from job to job and country to country. All of the pieces of me finally make sense, and I am living a life I love, while making the difference I have always wanted to make.
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THe next steps of your Trailblazing Adventure


The nature of Trailblazing requires you to blaze through Unknown territory. There’s no map for where you’re going - and often you are the ONLY person who believes your destination even exists - and the path to get there can feel lonely, confusing, and massively overwhelming.

Where Stars Go exists to help you navigate your uncharted journey. It is THE hub for all of the community, connection, resources and guidance that you need. 2018, we're bringing forward a whole new vision for Trailblazers everywhere.


And if you're looking for something to do in the meantime...


Your next step

There are 5 different types of Trailblazers: Seekers, Visionaries, Creators, Adepts and Stars. Knowing your type is the first step towards leveraging your Trailblazing potential.


And if you still want more...




The one thing that all Trailblazers have in common is that there's no map for where they're going. They need to enter Unknown territory. But don't worry, we've got something to help you do that!