Hello, and welcome! My name is Sarah Kalil, and I'm founder and creator of Where Stars Go. 

I’m a genetics major turned corporate lawyer turned certified professional coach, filmmaker, and self-declared comedian. It’s a pain-in-the-ass to introduce myself (because it takes 100 years), and my irrepressible and occasionally desperate need to create has led me off the beaten track more than once.

I’m such an archetypal Trailblazer it hurts.

Until it didn’t anymore.

The day I realized I was a Trailblazer everything changed. I realized who I was, but more importantly, I realized what I was here for: to create the possibility of a whole new world.


Being a Trailblazer means seeing something where no one else even knows to look, and then creating a way forward for the rest of us to come with you. You see what could be, before it exists, and create new paths into the future. Collectively, Trailblazers change the world.

And in order to do that, you need tools, resources and support for navigating your journey. Which is exactly the reason I created Where Stars Go: to give you access to everything you need to make your way.

I'll be rolling out something new in 2018. In the meantime, let's get acquainted!

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The nature of Trailblazing requires that you enter Unknown territory. After 5 years and countless hours coaching Trailblazers, I created a system to help you navigate the path less travelled.

The Unknown is not nearly as hard as you probably think. There are really only 10 challenges or obstacles that you're ever really going to face. And all of them are completely surmountable.

All you need is the right guide.

Actually, guides.

I call my system for navigating your journey "The 10 phases of the Unknown."  These phases are loosely based on the concept of a Hero’s journey: you are embarking on an adventure, and as with any adventure, you’re going to meet some characters along the way.

These characters are your guides. Each has a specific purpose and shows up to help you overcome the challenges and leverage the opportunities of each phase.



meet your guides

Sarah is a genius. She has created a system that helps me to honor myself and my dreams. Knowing about the 10 phases of the Unknown has completely transformed my life. I have a massive project on the horizon that I would have never seriously considered without Sarah’s guidance.
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Setting your direction


You are most likely to be in Seeker phase at the beginning of your Trailblazing journey. You may have spent years jumping from job to job, trying to find a place to fit in, unable to settle. Or you may be thinking of changing direction, but guilt about yet another new path is consuming your thoughts.

The key here is to listen. You are not meant for an ordinary life. Pay attention; Seeker will lead you where you are supposed to go.

Shows up when: You need to change the direction of your path. Seeker speaks to you through intuitive hits, or gut feelings that something isn’t right or needs to change.

Obstacles: Your guilt and judgment about changing direction keeps you from listening to your intuition and making the changes you need to make.

Ignore at your own peril: If you persist along a path that is not aligned with your soul, Seeker will speak through your body, causing physical or emotional discomfort so great that you must course-correct.

The difference she can make: If heeded, Seeker will guide you to a life of satisfaction and joy. Her gift to you is a path that is big enough to hold all of who you are.



Moving forward


Seeking is pointless if you’re not willing to go for what you find. Instigator phase is the leap of faith into the Unknown, and the consistent forward movement along your path. It’s scary and exciting at the same time, and absolutely necessary for you to get what you truly want.

There’s no certainty in Trailblazing; Instigator causes you to leap anyway.

Shows up when: It’s time to take the leap towards the future you desire. Instigator is your yearning, the part of you that is willing to risk your comfort zone for the possibility of having what you truly want.

Obstacles: Your doubt about whether or not what you want is possible can cause you to resist Instigator’s pull, and stop you before you even start.

Ignore at your own peril: Resisting Instigator is a heart-breaking experience; it leads to regret, resignation, and the slow death of your soul. Your true purpose goes unlived, your potential not reached.

The difference he can make: Instigator is the bearer of possibility: what you want becomes possible the minute you take the first step.





You took the leap, and almost immediately decided it was a terrible idea. You’re falling, with no idea how to fly, and desperately trying to get back to your comfort zone. You’re don’t know what to do, and you hate it.

Alchemist phase is an inevitable part of every Trailblazer’s journey: you will get uncomfortable, and you will self-sabotage. The question is: what will do you with your discomfort? Alchemist knows that you can use it for transformation, and he wants to show you how.

Shows up when: You venture outside of your comfort zone towards a new possibility. Alchemist is the guide that asks you stay uncomfortable long enough for those new possibilities to come to fruition.

Obstacles: Your instinctual response to possibility is to retreat back to your comfort zone. This prevents Alchemist from working his magic.

Ignore at your own peril: Avoiding Alchemist keeps you trapped in what you already know, and stops you from creating the results you say you want.

The difference he can make: Alchemist sheds light on your defensive patterns, and frees you from the power that they have over you. The purifying power of Alchemist means your fear doesn’t run the show anymore.





When you’re going in circles and can’t figure out why, or hitting the same obstacle over and over (and over) again, you’re in the Trickster phase. It’s frustrating, and every time you stumble, you reinforce the belief that there must be something wrong with you.

Well, there isn’t. But the way you’re looking at your situation has you trapped, and there’s no way out unless you radically shift your perspective. That’s what Trickster does, and when her message comes through, the next steps are obvious, easy, and a lot of fun.

Shows up when: You get trapped in a no-win situation or pattern. Trickster wants to break you out of your self-imposed limitations by having you see something in a new way.

Obstacles: Your attachment to what you think you know can stop you from learning Trickster’s lessons.

Ignore at your own peril: If you insist on following the rules of a game that can’t be won, Trickster will indulge you in ways you don’t like. She will trip you up repeatedly until you finally learn to step over the wire.

The difference she can make: Trickster sets you free from your limited beliefs by bending the rules of the game you are playing. She completely shifts your perspective of your journey, and makes the impossible possible.





Trailblazers do this super cute but also totally stupid thing where they try to do everything on their own. It doesn’t work. You end up overwhelmed, tired, or stuck in the execution of your next step. If you are one of those people who starts things, but can’t finish them, then guaranteed it’s because you are not using Sidekick phase to your advantage.

Sidekick is critical for the successful completion of your journey. You need to learn to ask for, use, and accept support.

Shows up when: You ask. Sidekick is always right next to you, just waiting for an opportunity to contribute to your journey.

Obstacles: Your relationship to support - believing that it makes you weak, or that it is simpler to do everything by yourself - means that you don’t ask for what you need.

Ignore at your own peril: Insufficient support leads to overwhelm and exhaustion, and feeling stretched too thin. It also leads to failure: fulfilling your dreams the way you imagine will require a team.

The difference he can make: Partnering with Sidekick makes your journey easier, faster and infinitely more fun.





Hands down, Mage phase is the most fun of all the phases. It’s magic, flow, a sense of ease. It’s like the universe has taken over your body and is using you as a vessel for its own divine purpose. Whatever that feeling is for is absolutely what you live for.

Mage brings a reminder to surrender to your creative flow, and use your creativity in service to the world. Anything less than your full expression is a tragedy.

Shows up when: You surrender to the creative process of the universe.

Obstacles: Your rational beliefs about how your dreams should happen lead to rigidity and control, which block Mage from using universal creative forces to your benefit.

Ignore at your own peril: Shutting down partnership from Mage is like keeping a mountain lion in a cage: if it can’t break free, it dies. You must create, or your purpose goes unfulfilled.

The difference she can make: Partnership with Mage alleviates fear and releases you from your need to control everything. Ultimately, this partnership leads to the manifestations of your dreams, with ease.





You are going to fail many times along your journey. Certain things will not work out as you expected or hoped, and it will suck. But that does not mean that you suck. Don’t confuse your outcomes with your value as a human being.

The purpose of Mother is to carry you through your moments of defeat, and teach you how to deal with setbacks. This is a phase for self-care (the exact opposite of beating yourself up), and focused reflection, so that you can learn from your mistakes and continue moving forward.  

Shows up when: You believe you have failed. Mother is the calm voice who whispers to you - through your upset, your disappointment, and your heartache -  “everything is going to be OK.”

Obstacles: The self-loathing that accompanies failure can cause you to reject compassion and forgiveness when you need it the most.

Ignore at your own peril: Self-loathing is not a strategy for success. Carrying around the burden of your mistakes, and believing the inner voices that tell you how terrible you are, leaves you susceptible to poor decision-making rooted in desperation.

The difference she can make: Mother alleviates the fear associated with mistakes, and makes it easier to breathe. She helps you to take care of yourself, to reflect, and to be rested and well.





In order to reach your destination, you will need to take actions that scare you. Sometimes, your next action will be scary enough to make you feel physically ill, but you know you need to do it anyway. In these moments, the only thing stronger than your fear is your commitment to your mission.

This is where Warrior steps in. He re-presences you to the reasons you embarked on your journey in the first place, and provides the strength you need to take the actions you’re scared to take.

Shows up when: You need to take action outside of your comfort zone.

Obstacles: The thought of facing what scares you is often enough to make you feel physically ill, which is usually all the excuse you need to avoid Warrior’s call to action.

Ignore at your own peril: If you allow your fear to stop you from taking action, you will be forever immobilized, unable to achieve what you set out to do. You must take the actions you have been unwilling to take if you are sincere about bringing your vision to life.

The difference he can make: Fear is a companion on every journey, but moving beyond fear is what makes the journey meaningful. Warrior moves you forward by leaps and bounds by demanding direct and high-impact action.





Have you ever placed your happiness somewhere in the future, believing that one day, when you make more money, meet that special someone, or win that award, you will finally be happy and able to relax?

This “out-there-somewhere” mentality is very typical of Trailblazers. Most Trailblazers are surprised to find out that there is an entire phase of the Unknown dedicated to nothing but celebration. Hero teaches you to experience joy along the way, and love the life that you have already created.

Shows up when: You have something to be proud of. Hero is the pat on the back, the relief that comes with completion of a task, the satisfaction of a job well done.

Obstacles: Your underlying belief that you need to keep running to reach your destination means you never get to sit down with Hero to acknowledge how far you have come.

Ignore at your own peril: Constantly focusing on what you should have done, what you could have done, or what remains to be done, will keep you trapped in a cycle of “never enough,” robbing you of joy, and leading to a life of perpetual dissatisfaction.

The difference he can make: Hero is about being happy now. He helps you to find joy in the journey as much as in the destination, allowing you to find presence and peace of mind, no matter how much further you have to go.





Trailblazers go first so others can follow. It’s your job to light the way, to shed light where no one else is even looking. It takes a certain level of faith to choose a Trailblazing life, and sometimes, you need someone to illuminate your next steps, and reassure you of your path.

This is Star’s job: to gift you with moments of certainty, where you understand who you are and why you’re here, so that you can keep shining bright.

Shows up when: You remember the truth of who you are. Star speaks to you through glimpses of understanding - moments of knowing - the divine perfection of every moment.

Obstacles: Your light is sometimes too bright for your own eyes. Star’s power is so immense, her existence so awesome, that you sometimes shut down her connection, and forget what you’re here for.

Ignore at your own peril: Life does not exist without light. Extended periods of separation from Star lead to feelings of anxiety, isolation, and inadequacy.

The difference she can make: Star is your access to your highest and greatest self. She leaves you empowered, serene and grounded in the truth of who you are.



And as part of the vision that we're rolling out in 2018, you're going to get to know them a lot better.


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